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Create Legendary User Experience, Not Just Sell the Product With World-Class UX Expertise

Business models are changing rapidly in this digital world and technological advancement acts as a tailwind. TBot’s partnership with UserTesting enables user experience & customer-centric SaaS solutions to organizations with an aim to accelerate their growth journey to become market leaders.

What is User Testing?

User Testing (also known as Usability Testing), is a key component to help you evaluate your product and its viability with a human-centric approach. The primary objective of this process is to analyze how your audience interacts with your product, and then provide a direction and scope for improving it.

Why User Testing is Important

Prototype Testing

Valuable feedback to avoid future mistakes

Increased Human Centricity

Human-centered designs are at the core of growth

Product Evaluation

Evaluate real-time user experience with product

Analyze Audience Behaviour

Accurately map user-product interaction

Increased Revenue

Rapid conversion rate and acquisitions

Unique & Unbiased Perspective

Understand users and feel product from their perspective

How We Can Help

Accurate Human Insights

Human insights pose as a building block before launching any new product or a feature because it takes life experiences and aspirational identity into account, unlike any secondary research. From curating an audience database, observing them, finding pain (or Tension) points, creating, and lastly testing the hypothesis – We will help you find and use a true human insight about your future audience.

User Experience & Design Solutions

Human-centric user experience act as a powerful tool to make website visitors have an effective interactions. By leveraging powerful designs, TBot, with UserTesting’s expertise can help your business expand its strategic vision and better serve its customers through research, UX layout, wireframes, UI strategy, integrations, usability testing, user journey mapping, and KPI setting for the future decisions.

Real-Time Product Feedback

Feedbacks are the most forthcoming and accurate interaction within the business. To keep your product feedback in check, TBot can help you with a feedback form, and dedicated managers for user data collection, data analysis, and report creation. With real-time product feedback, we help you save your market research time by one-third, strengthen customer trust, and generate a higher response rate among users.

CX Testing

With UserTesting’s functional, mobile, and cloud app testing, we also provide world-class CX testing which includes CX mapping, prototype testing, CX quality parameters, and AI-led performance testing to understand customer motivations, key drivers, and holistic social media connections and collaboration. With an error-proof CX, we aim to make your product as agile as possible.

CXN Audience Management

Due to the rapid evolution of customer buying behaviors, customer journey management (CXN) has become more important. TBot along with UserTesting shall focus on personalizing, orchestrating, optimizing, and analyzing user journeys. Additionally, we shall help with providing data architecture and customer feedback services so you can get a clear view of the user journey across multiple channels.

Website Wireframe & User Testing

A website wireframe is the primitive skeleton of your company website. It’s easier to create a website that meets the needs of your users when you have the right wireframe tools at your disposal. We help you understand and prioritize user feedback with services that include page layout creation, interface elements, navigational systems, and the overall functionality of your website/ app.

Additionally, You will also get

Long-term research roadmap

Shareable research presentations

Dedicated project manager

24*7 support during the project cycle

Get Live Data Streams Through Revolutionary Technologies

Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions

Our Facial Expression Software analyzes user facial expressions such as happy, sad, scared, or disgusted along with gaze direction, head orientation, and personal traits.

Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice

Our team helps you design a top-notch website by implementing the right tone – from funny to serious, formal to informal, respectful to irreverent, and enthusiastic to matter-of-fact.

First Reactions

First Reactions

The first few moments of your product interaction go a long way in influencing business decisions, so we help you ace it by utilizing content that converts.

Digital Interactions

Digital Interactions

We aim to deliver an exceptional experience to our users by digitally transforming the product keeping integration, innovation, and user intuition a priority.

One might think they’ve addressed every flaw in their product design, but until they don’t get user feedback, they mightn’t know how people really use and perceive the creation. With TBot and UserTesting’s partnership, we aim to transform your app’s bugs and flaws into a more user-friendly and user-centric app for the utmost customer satisfaction.

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