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Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C)

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Unified Communication &
Collaboration (UC&C)

Connecting People, Ideas, Data, and Businesses By Streamlining Communications

For near real-time collaboration, Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) isn’t just a tool, but a combination of solutions that ensure that nearly all their technology works together smoothly and securely. A range of communication tools can be used with UC&C, including voice, IP telephony, instant messaging, desktop sharing, web conferencing, audio conferencing, and video conferencing.

What Is Unified Communication & Collaboration Service?

Today, people within organizations work across vast geographies on countless devices running a dizzying array of platforms, software versions, and applications. UC&C solutions help organizations work in a streamlined, easy-to-use manner without the hassle of remote work. With TBot’s web conferencing and collaboration software, we work towards bringing people and tools together to improve productivity, internal communication channels, and time management.

Importance of Collaboration & Unified Communication

Strengthening Data and IT Security

Easy integration of all apps into a unified platform

Improved IT Operations & Solutions

Streamline IT operations in common ecosystem

Agile Organization

Competitive advantage to make operations agile

Cost Reduction

Deploy single-platform communication to reduce costs

AI-led Increased Efficiency

Scalable communications that impact businesses

Upgraded Customer Service

Easy access to connect with customers

How Tbot Can Help You Unify Your Communication & Collaboration

Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions

Get 24*7 conference access, monitor ongoing meetings, comprehensive admin access & control, administer surveys and polls with TBot’s all-in-one Audio & Video conferencing solutions to strengthen the foundation of your business growth strategy.

Smart Contact Center

Unlike telephony-only call centers, contact centers support customer interactions across multiple channels; including phone calls, emails, web chats, and web collaborations via automatic call distribution, systems integration, interactive voice response, and outbound dialers.


With the integration of your phone and computer, you can make voice and video calls, participate in video conferencing, share files and screens, and forward calls with TBot’s infrastructure, services, and 24/7/365 support for maximum customer satisfaction.


TBot’s Telepresence solutions enable face-to-face collaboration in real-time, accurate image size, and spatial audio effects among users so you can cut your business dealing time in half, minimize travel costs, and make overall communication convenient and easy.

Collaboration Meeting Rooms

Collaboration meeting rooms include conference rooms, collaboration zones, and virtual boardrooms that help your business improve user experience. With TBot, you get hybrid video infrastructure, cloud-based collaborative meeting rooms, and CMR premises across mediums.

How Collaboration & Unified Communication Helps Your Business Grow

Increased Business Value

Technical Advisors 24*7

Reimagined Collaborative Workplace

Built For Remote-First Workplaces

Improved Team Performance

Better Customer Journey

Where Is Unified Communications & Collaboration Heading Now

Rise of Cloud-based & 5G Services

Rise of Cloud-based & 5G Services

With the rise of cloud-based & 5G data services in recent times, the need of remote means of recording and storing information will also rise.

Enhanced Connectivity

Enhanced Connectivity

Increased remote work demands new-age connectivity, and TBot aims to provide you with simpler UI, desktop and mobile apps, and integrated tools for easier collaboration.

Stringent Data & IT Security

Stringent Data & IT Security

UC&C also helps your business shield against cyber attacks through encryption usage across systems, endpoint protection, two-factor authentication, and data privacy.

Increased Demand for Video Conferencing

Increased Demand for Video Conferencing

Video conferences and meetings are no longer alien to the business, post 2020. Our user-friendly UI and reduced tech complexity simplify your video conferencing experience.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

As a backbone of any business, you can simplify data & analytics with help from a unified communications platform to understand your customers better.

UC&C helps your business and customers connect, collaborate, and innovate new ideas and convert plans into action. With TBot’s secure, seamless, and scalable Unified Communications & Collaboration, your business experiences top-notch and high-quality connections.

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