My 4 Notes to Living a Melodious Life

Music has always been a constant in my life, be it my days of dancing or my current corporate pursuits. Allow me to expound upon the five principles that have become the cornerstone of my approach to navigating the labyrinth of corporate existence.

From an early age, my affinity for music led me to delve into its intricacies, prompting me to enroll in formal classes (vocal) and explore its nuances more comprehensively. This pursuit not only deepened my affection for music but also afforded me an appreciation for its profound meanings, intricate complexities, and the tranquillity it imparts. In my quest to incorporate resonant lessons, I’ve come to recognize striking parallels between the realms of music and the corporate domain.


Patience: Building Blocks of Success

Whenever I make time to practice music, I first ensure a calm state of mind in order to help me better channel my energy. Then, I fine-tune the shruti box. Once I’ve set the right pitch, I warm up my vocal chords to that pitch, and then go on to sing the song, verse by verse, multiple times with different variations and corrections. It is patience that finally helps me arrive at my suited style.
Composing a beautiful piece of music requires careful attention to detail, and maneuvering through the corporate landscape demands a similar kind of finesse. This comes down to the realization that patience isn’t just about slowing down; it’s more about the retrospective attention to the details that matter.

I apply this principle in my day-to-day life too, wherein I begin my day with an open mind, start my laptop, and get working, one task at a time. Although I may not instantly see my results or any immediate conversions, I keep on going through with my tasks, because my patience and constant efforts will keep accumulating towards my final success.

Through my journey in both music and life, I’ve come to realize that it is necessary to have those crucial pauses to think things through and make smarter decisions. Patience isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s the very groundwork on which success stands tall. After all, good things take time.

Emotions: Selling Smiles

In the intricate symphony of marketing, one can find a peculiar harmony with the world of music. At its core, music is an arrangement of sounds, but its true essence lies in the ability to infuse melody, rhythm, and emotion into those sounds. Similarly, marketing, in the dynamic landscape of today’s industry, demands the orchestration of various elements, each playing a role in creating a resonant and captivating message.

As a classical vocalist, I’ve discerned that every musical piece communicates a distinct emotion. Translating this into the marketing realm, the process of conveying a specific mood to an audience involves a delicate interplay selecting the right words, and harmonising the overall tone. Only through this careful crafting can marketers hope to create a message that not only resonates but also captivates the attention of their target audience.

The storytelling aspect emerges as a common thread, emphasizing that both music and marketing transcend the surface level of mere notes or ideas. They involve the art of storytelling, crafting narratives that not only capture attention but also resonate and kindle something special within the audience. In this intersection of creativity and innovation, the realms of music and marketing find a shared language that speaks to the hearts and minds of those they seek to engage.

Health First: Striking the Right Note for Well-being

Amidst all of life’s shenanigans, If I had to pick out the most important lesson to emphasize, it would be “Health is Wealth“. Creating wealth or following your passion cannot exist if you don’t have the support of your good health.

There have been days before competitions where I’d think that straining out my vocal nodes to the maximum extent was the key to acing the competition. But I was completely wrong. Had I done that, I would not be in a position to even perform in the competition. Breaks and rests are just as important as the actual practice itself, to get the desired results. Similarly, sitting in front of a screen for long hours is no joke; it can definitely be straining on the eyes and the mind. However, I always make it a point to take breaks from time to time during my work, and doing this refreshes me and helps me regain my focus, no longer feeling burdened or drained.

Putting our health first should be the first order of business, not an afterthought. From my own experiences, it’s about making time for little acts of self-care into your everyday routine. Whether it’s sneaking in short breaks for a good stretch, making room for wholesome meals, or relaxing your mind, these simple practices create a melody of well-being.

Imperfections: The Melody of Learning

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, we often end up pushing to be the most “perfect versions” of ourselves. It’s time we realize that these “perfect versions” don’t really exist, at least for me, because I believe that there’s always room for improvement to take into consideration and get better each day.

I’ve had my peak moments where I’ve won music competitions, got recognition for my performances, and so on. However, to gain all those, I’ve had to pass numerous phases of not-so-good and mediocre performances, that lead to breaking apart and eventually pulling myself back together. Ask any big musician how many attempts it took them to get to where they are, and you’ll be no short of a 2-3 digit number.

These specs of imperfections follow me into my work as well. Having been a recent graduate, I am still a fresher in this world of marketing and as you’d rightly expect, I was no master at it. Fast-forward to today, I’ve gotten way better at my tasks and this is the result of those mistakes I made and the learnings I’ve had since. So when things don’t quite sync up, I focus on remaining calm and try to better my approach each time until things sync up.

So in this road trip of our learning journey, we’re bound to come upon obstacles and speed-breakers. However, let us not mistake these to be failures, but consider them crucial notes in the grand composition of success that help us re-focus on our main goals. It is important to keep in mind this truth about the magic of imperfections.


As we come to the concluding verse of my experiences so far, I would like to thank the support systems that have helped me face my struggles and grow from them, my parents, my teachers, my friends, my mentor, a supportive workplace, and my peers at TBot Systems

So if you’re a music buff like me, I’m sure you too can resonate with and appreciate the intrinsic characteristics that intertwine music and corporate life. Seeing corporate life through these newfound lenses no longer makes it a cumbersome task but, a journey to reach those superhit career peaks.

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