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Hosting and Cloud Services

Hosting and Cloud Services
Hosting and Cloud

Cultivate Digital Growth With End-To-End Engineered Cloud Hosting Solutions

Understanding a business and its flow is required to aid in architecture so that your users benefit from cost-effective capital investments. Cloud hosting is a relatively new concept adapted to the current business world for its flexibility. A technical expert is a key to determining which features are required in cloud hosting services and adding and removing necessary elements.

What Are Cloud Hosting Services?

A network that customizes virtual and physical servers for scalability and flexibility. Unlike traditional ones, where a single server hosts the website or application, a combination of virtual and physical servers hosts the website or applications, ensuring ease and comfort. As a result, the primary criterion is selecting the appropriate type of hosting and cloud services. This is where TBot techno systems play as a team of experts who carefully analyze your company’s needs and recommend tailored cloud solutions.

Cloud Hosting is Here to Stay. Here’s Why.

Increased Server Uptime

An extra layer of protection from outages

Increased Security

Compact security to control cybercriminals

Easy Data Transformation

Migrate data to cloud without hassle

Rapid Resource Scalability

Adjust and adapt to changing business landscape

Disaster Recovery

Reduced complexities and system downtime

How TBot Can Help You

Thinking of migrating, optimizing, modernizing, and managing your cloud but not sure how to do it? Let TBot’s managed services help you simplify, streamline, and accelerate your cloud needs. TBot will help you design, develop, and deploy the right cloud strategies for your business to reach greater heights.

Modernized Cloud Advisory

With the right cloud strategy, cloud solutions, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partnerships for your business, we will help you determine the right cloud strategy, cloud solutions, operating model, and roadmap. Our Cloud advisory is designed to identify and evaluate your business needs and provide the insights required to begin moving your workload into the cloud.

Cloud Server Security & Compliance

Our cloud server and security help you protect against intrusion and data theft. We provide 24/7 virtual private servers to help you save from all kinds of cyber-attacks, coupled with firewalls and antivirus software for your business’ online safety. TBot’s managed cloud security services thrive on protecting your business data against all kinds of cyber threats.

Cloud Data Transformation

AI unlocks the power of cloud data to drive growth in your business. We help you migrate data to the cloud, refine operational workflows, and activate more informed, engaging customer experiences.

Fast & Frictionless Cloud Migration

Where there’s digital transformation, there’s TBot’s fast and frictionless cloud migration services. We determine the best-fit services by assessing your infrastructure, applications, and proprietary tools.

Cloud Optimization Management

TBot’s cloud experts know your cloud needs in and out; be it public, private, or hybrid kind. We aim to analyze and rewire your company’s cloud security, consumption costs, and compliance practices through a detailed cloud architecture report and added recommendations to help you maximize the cloud efficiency and minimize the e-waste.

Automated Cloud Networking

Cloud networking is undoubtedly one of the most significant enablers of sustainability. We help your business build agile, scalable, monitored, and automated cloud networks using our expertise, tools, and resources. Our cloud engineers help you navigate your journey to the cloud and ensure you get the maximum benefits from your cloud investment.

A Step Beyond Cloud Hosting

TBot cloud hosting services are centralized to your business needs but wait; there’s more you can do with us.

High-performance Storage

Low Latency Switching Fabric

Agile Data Management and Software-def ned

Scalable Hyper-conv rged Infrastructure

Cost-effective and Protected

Improved Recovery Times

TBot’s Multilevel Advisory Services



A well-defined strategy for deploying cloud services per the needs and objectives of the company.



Efficiently migrate your existing application to the cloud or create a cloud-ready application from the ground up.



Ensure business continuity at a lower cost and with greater productivity by utilizing cloud management services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Businesses require highly specialized and regulated cloud services. As a result, you may be perplexed as to where to begin. With expert advice from our end, we ensure that all of your business’s cloud service needs are met.

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