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Digital Workspace Services

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Digital Workspace Services

Welcome the New Way of Working in Remote-First 21st Century

TBot works with employees to recognize their strengths and increase their ability to perform at peak capacity. TBot’s primary goal is to expand employee output and maintain a careful but effective attitude toward company business. In a manner similar to the way smartphones assist employees in performing their jobs, we provide access to a virtual office from anywhere at any time.

What Is Digital Workplace?

A digital workspace manages and centrally controls the assets of an organization, including its applications, data, and endpoints. Furthermore, a digital workspace makes applications available to users on any device, anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether the applications are on-premises or in the cloud.

Types of Digital Workspace


Improve operational efficiency of the workplace

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage automated tasks and workload with AI

Big Data Analytics

Advanced performance and compatibility

Robotic Automation

Improved accountability over tasks management

Internet of Things

Integrate various devices in an automated workflow


Transfer data to transform future of work

How We Work

Device Management Services

Telecommuting and remote working demands have increased dramatically since the pandemic. With TBot, we offer devices procurement & provisioning, modern device management, device retirement & renewal, as well as reports and analytics with actionable insights.

IT Support Services

We aim to solve problems with modern, solution-focused, data-driven IT support services through IT outsourcing, maintenance services, continuous monitoring, and IT governance with impeccable 24*7 support from a dedicated manager from TBot.

Desktop Virtualization Services

Virtualizing desktops provides simplified administrations, cost efficiency, stronger security, higher productivity, and a better end-user experience. With TBot’s virtual desktop infrastructure and remote desktop services, we aim to meet your business needs.

Workplace Collaboration Services

The ability to collaborate from anywhere, at any time, from any device is essential to success, regardless of whether you’re working with colleagues across town or across the country. We can customize voice, video, and online collaboration tools to address your business needs.

Why is Digital Workspace Important for Your Organization

Increased process flexibility and revenue

Reduced operational costs

Enhanced communication and innovation

Enriched customer experience

Our Way of Working



We begin with focusing on data collection to understand business pain points, later work on user profiling, delivery methods, and security for the digital workspace of your organization.



Upon data collection, we focus on data assessment and design which is user-centric and flexible and aims toward data and service security.



We create a quantifiable digital workspace blueprint to imitate the desired outcome and improve overall user experience and roll out the necessary training and provide resources.

Operate and Manage

Operate and Manage

We will create an operational framework to support upcoming technologies, tools, and metrics to measure end-user experience, monitoring, and new service enrollment.

The recent pandemic and its aftermath have increased the dire need for digitization in organizations. TBot’s digital workspace also provides users with anywhere, anytime, any device access to their applications, whether those applications reside on-premises or in the cloud, so together, we can transform your organization.

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