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Data Centre Build &Services

Data Centre Build &Services
Data Center Build and

Data Center Facilities by Outstanding Technologists, Architects, and Service Providers, for Your Business

Data centers need to be vigorous to handle the speed of today’s businesses and innovation. Software-defined data centers, hyper-converged infrastructure, enterprise storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure are the types of data center solutions that we offer. TBor ensures providing services to your business in whichever way you prefer; be it offline work, remote work, via the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

What Are Data Center Services?

Typically, a company’s data center holds its mission-critical applications and data. The process of modeling and developing a data center’s IT resources, and architectural layout, managing and monitoring the overall infrastructure, is known as data center build.

How We Work


  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the company
  • Identifying and scrutinizing requirements
  • Analyzing technology and feasibility
  • Creating a budget


  • Site Selection
  • Analysis of Risk Factors
  • Creating the framework
  • Acquiring a thorough understanding of the specifications and standards

Building & Security

  • Vendor administration
  • Purchasing procedure
  • On-site coordination
  • Verifying Design Compatibility
  • Contingency planning

Handover & Testing

  • Factory tests
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Knowledge Base Creation

How TBot Simplifies Your Data Center Needs

Data Center Networking

Transforming businesses with digital initiatives is increasingly becoming an important aspect of overall growth. TBot helps you in data networking architecture, certification, data management, data migration, and data center security by partnering with the best players in the sector. We also assist in providing routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and app controllers.

Data Protection

Data protection helps in regulating compliance, unmasking threats, cloud protection, and eases of data center integrations. TBot will provide you protection against Ransomware, Predictable Backup, and Recovery by identifying and fortifying the protection and resiliency of your cloud network environment and accelerating multi-cloud capabilities.

Data Servers & Data Virtualization

AUsing TBot’s data server virtualization, your company can maximize the power of any device by dividing physical hardware into separate unique virtual servers. Our experts can help you with application virtualization, client virtualization, and security virtualization. We incorporate the best practices, guidelines, and considerations for all kinds of data servers.

Storage and Converged Infrastructure

TBot’s storage and converged infrastructure combines networking, storage, and IT administration into a preconfigured package that operates as a single system. TBot can help your organization with support and maintenance for applications, extensive cloud integration, and IT needs scalability – aimed towards simpler infrastructure management, storage capacity, faster IT response, and greater control.

Data Center Management

Let TBot take care of your Data Center Management with Hyperscale Network Security, Firewalls, Automation, Serverless Security, and Analysis. As the role of Data Center Management evolves, we also strive to assist you with minimizing risks, improving system manageability, and simplifying capacity planning so you can run your business smoothly without having to worry about automation and monitoring.

How We Construct Data Center Design and Build Services

Selection of Electronic Alternatives

Selection of Electronic Alternatives

TBot helps to include sustainable energy sources to lower costs and distribute power usage in a controlled manner at your data center.

Selecting Containment and Cabinets

Selecting Containment and Cabinets

Our IT professionals assist you in determining the best physical infrastructure to meet your space while also offering high-performance computing, cooling, and security.

Selecting Ceiling Grids and Raised floors

Selecting Ceiling Grids and Raised floors

For easy access to the IT equipment, TBot helps create the most durable raised floor system that allows electrical, mechanical, and communications services to run through it.

Make sure that proper cooling facilities are available

Make sure that proper cooling facilities are available

In addition to keeping operations running, TBot helps build a modern cooling system that has the potential to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Cabling and networking equipment

Cabling and networking equipment

Our team ensures bandwidth, latency, location, cost, and scheduling needs of the network to create a carrier-neutral facility that allows for multiple providers and cross-connections.

Rest Assured, You Should Turn to Us for

Solution-focused approach to your business needs

Top-tier technology quality access 24/7/265

Standardized and optimized data backup strategies

On-call technical support at your fingertips

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