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Cyber Security Management for Your Network, Users, and Data

The way people do business in the present world has changed dramatically due to technological advancements. Millions of firms operate online today; hence these companies must ensure that they are protected from all web-based dangers and threats. As cybercriminals have gotten viler, it is critical for every business to have a robust security management service in place.

What Are Security Management Services?

Security management services provide firms with surveillance, monitoring, and protection from their surroundings and external dangers. These services provide security and protection for your entire IT infrastructure.

Security Management Is the Backbone of IT Services. Here’s Why

Cyber security Management

Managing end-to-end cyber operations

Enabling Safe Operations

Protection against data theft and damage

360° Network Security

Security from identity theft & user data loss

Solution Agility Across Users

Define, select, and tailor solutions without limits

IoT (Internet of Things) Security

Provide trust, integrity, and autonomy to users

How Tbot Helps You to Build Secure Organisation

Enterprise Risk Management

Enabling adaptable, cost-effective, and realistic IT risk and security management solutions to match your expectations. TBot is unrivaled in locating and collaborating with the best service providers in the IT risk management field.

Network Security & Guidelines

We can assist you with drafting foolproof IT policies based on Information Security Policies and Guidelines. Our software products and services are designed to fulfill your business needs and objectives while meeting industry security standards.

Ensured Web Application Security

We help you to detect and fix vulnerabilities that an application might have at any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We also assist in helping you audit web apps and content on your website (offline or online).

Safeguard ERPs and Access Points

With our expert Business Process Re-engineering team; we help you verify and protect your business’s important ERPs and secure points through effective data transfer, and data management for ERP audits.

Security Assessments & Planning

Our IT security management solutions ensure your company’s data privacy and intellectual property through a solid Vendor Risk Assessment methodology to safeguard against potential terror and theft threats.

Advanced Data Security

Security breaches in businesses are making headlines lately. To avoid this, we help you encrypt all devices used in your organisation, test the security and delete redundant data to instill a company-wide security mindset.

A Step Further Security Management

TBot provides you with the best outcome-focused security and risk management services, including the following.

Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Endpoint Lifecycle Management

We improve your organization’s performance and security while simplifying compliance maintenance.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

As a part of the continual process of defining and auditing security policies, we help your businesses decrease the risk of compliance management breaches.

Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment (PTVA)

Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment (PTVA)

Creating a dynamic web application requires developing a code structure, deploying functionalities, and letting web apps perform them.

Security & Posture Management

Security & Posture Management

Through TBot’s posture management, you can build maturity and minimize cyber attack risks by identifying your organization’s security capabilities.

Types of IT Security Management Your Business Needs

Security in IT is the prevention of unauthorized access to computers, networks, and data within an organization. Moreover, having up-to-date security measures in place and a dedicated team monitoring (in-house or outsourced) will keep your business, employees, and partner clients safe from threats.

Network Security

In-office IT hardware lets your team communicate internally more easily but also invites multiple external threats such as cyber tracks and malware.

Cloud Security

A reputable supplier is the foundation of a secured cloud system to ensure checkpoints, access, and cloud-based data assets throughout organizations.

Application Security

Almost every app attracts cyber threats. It’s important to use apps from trusted brands, whether you’re accessing them from your network or the cloud.

IoT Security

Conducting a security risk assessment to find vulnerabilities in your network system and devices becomes necessary if you’ve tethered a device to your network.

Since our inception, we’ve partnered with companies like NxtGen and others to provide you with the best Cyber Security Management Services available, custom-tailored to your company’s needs. Our expertise and experience, when paired together, will give you the best solutions for your organization.

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