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Contact Center Solution

Increase your sales with our exclusive call center services while remaining focused on your business

Handling business needs with the managerial tasks of inbound and outbound call center needs is stressful and exhausting. You may even feel restless and frustrated while working. This can cause you to lose focus and feel overwhelmed.

TBot call center support has a wide range of expertise, from handling loyalty programs to increasing telesales, locating dealers/retailers, and launching online sales. We have always had the expertise to meet your call center requirements.


Contact centre solutions key features

Remote agents/users

Remote agents/users- Agents can access the system from any location with an internet connection.

MIS reports

MIS reports- Comprehensive reporting on the activities of agents

CRM automatically displays

When a call is connected, the CRM automatically displays the customer details.

Monitoring tools

Monitoring tools for live activities of agents, services, calls, and campaigns

Call recording

You can also track calls by call recording for future references and training purposes

Call management

Call management system with proper disposition and sub disposition codes for completed calls.

Why Tbot for contact centre solutions approach

Tbot’s call center services include customer relationship management, toll-free numbers, live chat, email responses, interactive voice responses, appointment scheduling, and a 24-hour helpdesk. Our call center services include customer acquisition and collection, as well as supporting your company with sales.

Our call center services are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Quality
  • High levels of data security
  • Proactive customer service
  • Expert and trained Call center agents
  • Rates are competitive.
Build and run anywhere anytime
Security and compliance
Automate and modernize
We take care of your services

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We’ve been trully privileged to have worked with great people across multiple industries

“Tbot’ commitment and technical knowledge is exceptional, which facilitates us to analyze a wide range of data of the public and enables us to automate the decisions. Thus, reduces the cycle time and enhances the efficiency of service.”

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